Liz provides a flexible and bespoke service that is tailored to specific client needs.  The range of services that are offered include:

  • Individual illustrations to commission, usually at A3 size but other sizes can be accommodated depending upon the project needs and client requirements.  These are typically pen and ink drawings to which colour and text are added but maybe a variation on this theme.
  • Reportage illustration work in which Liz will attend an event or series of sessions on a day rate basis.  The outputs will include a series of sketches that together form a story.  The narrative can include the written word both on the drawings and as a separate dialogue.  This type of work is charged on a day-rate and can vary from a single day to several weeks or months, depending upon the scope of the project.
  • Wedding Reportage Illustration work in which Liz will attend weddings to provide a series of illustrations of the day, from capturing the venue and wedding party, to specific details of the special day.
  • Workshops and bespoke teaching sessions including an introduction to urban sketching and on-location drawing as well as storytelling.  Liz has provided these for creative media academy school groups as well as adult sessions and is happy to work with organisations to produce tailor-made sessions or courses.
  • Prints  As an urban sketcher, Liz is continually recording the world as she sees it in drawings and narrative.  Therefore, in addition to commissioned pieces, Liz has a repertoire of her own recorded drawings, some in sketchbooks and some on paper.    A selection of these drawings are made into high quality giclee prints for sale.  Please get in touch via the contacts page if you have seen one of Liz’s drawings that you would like as a print.