Your question: How do I enhance my eyes in Lightroom?

In the Develop Module, select the Radial Filter tool. In the resulting menu, select Iris Enhance as the Effect, then go directly to the bottom and click Invert Mask. Next, click and drag to make an ellipse that covers the iris. You’ll see a color shift right away as the default settings are applied.

How can I enhance my eyes in photos?

Here are my three favorite techniques to make eyes really stand out in your portrait photography.

  1. Light. “Light makes photography. Embrace light. …
  2. Expression. “You are what you think. …
  3. Post-production. “Be willing to give that extra effort that separates the winner from the one in second place.” — H.

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How do you whiten eyes in Lightroom?

How to Whiten Eyes in Lightroom. To whiten the subjects eyes (the white area around their iris), click NEW at the top of the brush panel, then click on the brush name and choose the Eye Whiten Brush. As with whitening teeth, I use a lower feather, then brush over the whites of the eyes.

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How do I fix my eyes in Lightroom mobile?

In the Lightroom CC mobile app toggle to the “Selective” option. Once in Selective, use the brush to draw on only the eyes in the photograph. Once the eyes are selected you can begin editing.

How do you smooth skin in Lightroom?

Exposure can be easily fixed with the Add Light brush. On to smoothing the skin. Select the Skin Smooth brush and select your flow. This brush is fairly strong, so the smoothing effect may be too much if your subject is young, so you can reduce the flow a bit.

How can I change my eye Colour?

Way 1. Edit the Eye Color with Ease in PhotoWorks

  1. Choose Adjustment Brush. Go to Retouch and pick Adjustment Brush from the tool list. …
  2. Paint Over the Eyes to Select Them. …
  3. Move the Hue Slider to Change Eye Color in Photo. …
  4. Move the Tone Sliders to Make the Color Lighter or Darker.

How do you make your eyes sparkle?

Here are 13 easy, no-fuss ways to help keep your eyes looking as bright and healthy as possible.

  1. Avoid dry air. …
  2. Put green tea bags on your eyelids. …
  3. Up your intake of omega fatty acids. …
  4. Try using rose water. …
  5. Use cucumbers to avoid puffiness. …
  6. Try an eye massage. …
  7. Get good quality sleep. …
  8. Protect your eyes from the sun.


How can I change my eyes?

Check out these 5 go-to ways to flaunt your eyes with Facetune2 for Android.

1) Increase eye size

  1. Open Facetune2.
  2. Go to Face > Eyes.
  3. Use the slider to increase or decrease the size of your eyes. Try to keep it looking natural, though! You don’t want to look like ET.
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How do you edit dark circles under your eyes?

How to edit dark circles under eyes in photos

  1. Find and install Retouchme app to get rid of eye bags from your Android or iPhone app store;
  2. Open the application, choosing the image from the phone memory or capturing immediately a new one with a built-in camera.

How do I fix dark circles under my eyes?


  1. Apply a cold compress. A cold compress can help reduce swelling and shrink dilated blood vessels. …
  2. Get extra sleep. Catching up on sleep can also help reduce the appearance of dark circles. …
  3. Elevate your head. …
  4. Soak with tea bags. …
  5. Conceal with makeup.

How can I edit a picture to make my teeth look whiter?

How can I whiten my yellow teeth in photo quickly?

  1. Open Fotor and click “Edit a Photo”.
  2. Click “Beauty” on the left dashboard.
  3. Click “Teeth Whitening”, use the brush and adjust the intensity to whiten your teeth in just a few clicks.
  4. Save and share your image.
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