What is the best size to create a logo in Illustrator?

For the most part, 250 px (width) x 100 px (height) are the optimal logo dimensions for a web page. If, however, you need to customize your logo size, we know how to do it!

Size of this preview: 731 × 600 pixels. Other resolutions: 293 × 240 pixels | 585 × 480 pixels | 936 × 768 pixels | 1,248 × 1,024 pixels | 2,359 × 1,936 pixels.


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Ideally, a logo should be sized with its largest dimension being 1920 pixels. This means that if the logo is wider than it is tall, make it 1920 pixels wide, and let the height fall where it may. Likewise, if the logo is taller than it is wide, make it 1920 pixels tall and (*) pixels wide.

Does size matter illustrator?

illustrator is vector based so doesn’t really matter what size you send as long as the final output size is specified.

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What is the smallest size a logo should be?

Ultimately your logo should maintain its clarity at 1-inch wide, even as small as 3/4″ wide as these are commonly the smallest sizes at which most logos will be used. Sometimes logo applications, such as sponsorship ad placements (where several brand logos appear together), will require specific widths.

For the most part, 250 px (width) x 100 px (height) are the optimal logo dimensions for a web page.

Resize your Logo Summary:

  1. Right-click your logo file.
  2. Select Open with.
  3. Click Paint.
  4. Click Resize.
  5. Make sure “Maintain aspect ratio” is checked.
  6. Click Type in new numbers next to “Horizontal” or “Vertical”.
  7. Click Ok.


What should a logo package include?

For your convenience, a logo package should include multiple image sizes. The pixel sizes will depend on the nature of your logo, but a small image can be around 250 pixels, and a large image can be around 1000 pixels. Let the design company know if you have specific requests for image sizes.

How large should a logo be on a shirt?

The classic, and the go-to location for your logo when you’re providing shirts for employees or event staff. The size is tasteful; typically 3” to 4” wide, and placement will adjust along with the size of the shirt, so it always looks right. I mean, left.

Does artboard size matter in Illustrator?

Your design in Illustrator should be in all vector, so the size doesn’t really matter.

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Why do my pixel size in PNG not match my artboard size in Illustrator?

6 Answers. This is caused when the artboard is on decimal pixel value on X and Y, and when the size of the artboard is decimal as well Make sure that your artboards are located on integer values on the X and Y axis and has integer Width and Height. Try to rearrange them putting a integer value between them!

How do I save an actual size in Illustrator?

How to Save an Illustrator File as a PNG

  1. Go to File > Export > Export for Screens.
  2. Select the Artboards tab. …
  3. Under Formats, set Format to PNG and Scale to 1x.
  4. Click Add Scale. …
  5. Add more sizes if you need them.
  6. Click Export Artboard to save your images.


How can I reduce my logo size without losing quality?

To resize an image with Gimp, simply open your image in the application. Go to Image, then Scale, where you can input your desired dimensions. Finally, under the Quality, choose Sinc as Interpolation and then click Scale. There you have it, an image resize with sustained quality.

Here are the most important steps to designing a logo: —

  1. Understand why you need a logo.
  2. Define your brand identity.
  3. Find inspiration for your design.
  4. Check out the competition.
  5. Choose your design style.
  6. Find the right type of logo.
  7. Pay attention to color.
  8. Pick the right typography.

How much space should you leave around a logo?

The recommended space is two “m” lengths. Does It Really Matter? Your logo is the visual embodiment for your brand, and with that lofty role you really want to make sure it’s presented in it’s best light.

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