Your question: How do you get drawing assistance on procreate?

Tap your primary layer once to bring up Layer Options, then tap Drawing Assist. When you switch on Drawing Assist from the Layer Options menu, it activates the last Drawing Guide you used on your current canvas.

How do you turn on assisted drawings?

To do this, open the Actions menu and go to Canvas > Drawing Guide, turn it On and then tap Edit Drawing Guide and choose the configuration you want. Also make sure Assisted Drawing is toggled on at the bottom of that screen.

Why is procreate not letting me draw?

Check what settings you have active under Smudge, Erase and Assisted Drawing – if any are selected there, turn them off. Check under the General tab too and if Global Touch is turned on, turn it off. – make sure you don’t have Alpha Lock active on the layer you’re trying to draw on.

How do I turn off drawing assist in procreate?

Open the Layers menu and check the thumbnail of the layer you’re on. If it says Assisted, tap the thumbnail to open the Layer Options drop down menu, and tap Drawing Assist there to toggle the feature off.

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How do I turn off drawing assist?

Hi Adrianna – open the Gesture Controls in the Prefs tab of the Actions menu, tap the Assisted Drawing tab, and make sure the switches are off for Touch and Apple Pencil.

Is procreate free?

Procreate, on the other hand, has no free version or free trial. You need to purchase the app first before you can use it.

What to do if your procreate is not working?

Go into the App Store and open the Updates tab. Pull down on the screen to refresh the page and see if there’s a Procreate update there. If there is, do the update as this may get everything working again.

Why is my procreate only drawing straight lines?

Why is Procreate Only Drawing Straight Lines? If Procreate will only draw straight lines, it’s likely that Drawing Assist has accidentally been triggered or left on. Navigate to the Actions tab and click on Preferences. Next, click on Gesture Controls and then Assisted Drawing.

How do you draw on procreate without a pen?

You do not need a stylus to use Procreate. You can use your finger to draw with Procreate because the brush weight is determined within the program and not by the size of the stylus. The great thing about Procreate is that it gives you a lot of options. Use a stylus, use your finger, whatever you prefer.

What does drawing Assist do in procreate?

Drawing Assist forces any paint strokes you make to follow your guidelines, allowing you to create stunning perspective artworks easily. If you prefer to draw outside the lines, toggle this option off. If you want even more control over Drawing Assist, check out Gesture Controls in your Actions > Prefs menu!

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How do you mirror a drawing in procreate?

If you’re familiar with using Drawing Guides in Procreate you can skip to step 5 if you want, otherwise hang with me.

  1. Tap on ‘Settings’ icon. …
  2. Select Canvas icon. …
  3. Turn ‘Drawing Guides’ toggle on. …
  4. Select ‘Edit Drawing Guide’ …
  5. Select Guide Type: Symmetry to Mirror. …
  6. Select Opacity and Thickness. …
  7. Tap Done to mirror!


Can you animate on procreate?

As part of its latest update, Procreate, a popular iPad illustration app, has added new animation features. This is the first time the app includes animation capabilities, and although they are very basic, it’s a welcome addition for animators who already use Procreate as part of their workflow.

Can you animate on procreate pocket?

Procreate Pocket also moves to the same graphics engine that powers Procreate for iPad. … Combining Procreate Pocket’s full suite of tools with Animation Assist means you can now create animations when and wherever you like.

Can you add sound to procreate animation?

Audio is not an option in Procreate at this stage.

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