Your question: Can I use watercolor on Moleskine sketchbook?

The watercolor paper in Moleskine Watercolor sketchbook works well for saturated watercolor, glazing and layering, drybrush and lifting color.

Can I use watercolor in my sketchbook?

Some sketch book paper is too thin and smooth for satisfactory watercolours. Heavier cartridge paper is manageable, so if you can, get one with watercolour paper. You can even by a sheet of decent watercolour paper and cut and fold it to make your own sketchbook.

Can you paint on Moleskine cover?

I used to draw in Moleskine sketchbooks but now I make my own. Either way, the technique for painting the cover is the same. For the base, I paint gesso on the front of the book in a loosely painted rectangular shape, then let it dry. … Once my drawing is complete, I paint the resulting shapes with color.

What mediums can you use on Moleskine?

It is ideally suited to Moleskine pens, fountain pens and all dry media such as Moleskine pencils, charcoal and pastels. Smooth and inviting, this sketch-grade paper is made from pigmented pulp just like our standard paper.

Is Moleskine paper waterproof?

A special series of Moleskine covers are made from genuine leather. The high-quality adds some points to the general perfection of legendary notebooks making them waterproof.

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What sketchbook is best for watercolor?

Best Sketchbooks for Watercolor

  • XL Canson Pads.
  • 100-Sheet Sketchpad Artist Pro.
  • Global Art Material – Travelogue Watercolor Book.
  • Leda Art Supply Sketchbooks.
  • Bellofy 50-Sheet Watercolor Paper Pad.
  • Field Artist Rectangle Watercolor Journal.
  • Pentalic AF Aqua Journal. Conclusion.


What paper is best for watercolor painting?

In general, we recommend a watercolor paper that has a weight of 140lb. (300gsm). Our 300 Series Watercolor paper is a great, economical place to start that will let you practice, experiment and create beautiful work.

Can you spray paint a notebook?

So yes, you can spray paint composition notebooks that have plastic covers. The binding on the store brand notebook pulled away from the cover just a bit, but I think it will flatten as everything cures.

Does Moleskine use real leather?

Crafted using premium Italian leather, the Classic Leather Notebook includes all the defining features of a Moleskine notebook, such as gently rounded corners, the instantly-recognizable ‘In case of loss’ notice, a neat elastic closure, and matching bookmark ribbon to keep your place.

Why is it called a Moleskine?

When moleskin migrated into French, it picked up an e on the end, which would have given it the pronunciation “mo-lə-SKEEN.” Be that as it may, the name is now a trademark of the Italian company Modo & Modo, which complicates its pronunciation for us poor foreigners.”

Can I use gouache in a Moleskine sketchbook?

Gouache should generally be used on a stiff surface like rag matboard, but for sketching purposes I think it will work out fine in the Moleskine on the stiff paper if not painted on too thick. You can see that the coverage and color is really great!

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Why is Moleskine expensive?

Moleskines are expensive.

Because Moleskines have a large-ish pricetag, compared with cheap spiral notebooks or staples notepads, they tend to be taken care of more — which means that when you need it, it’s not under the sofa, out in the car, or lost who-knows-where.

Which is better Moleskine or Leuchtturm?

In our view, while Leuchtturm1917 has better paper quality and handy numbers on the pages, Moleskine’s wider availability and lower price-point means it wins the day a lot of the time.

Is Moleskine worth the money?

Our strong belief is that Moleskine notebooks worth your investment. These notebooks come in a variety of sizes, styles, and types of paper. They are durable and extremely high quality, and that is always worth paying for.

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