Where did my brushes go in FireAlpaca?

Is there anyway I can get them back? I tried re-installing FireAlpaca, too. If you mean the brush list “window” is gone, Window menu > Brush should restore it. … When brushes are added or changed, FireAlpaca saves the details in your configuration folder (Help menu, Open Config Folder).

How do I get my brushes back in FireAlpaca?

But you can restore them with Restore Preset Brushes tool equipped since FireAlpaca 1.6. 0. Go to “Help” > “Restore Preset Brushes…”. Once the warning dialog window appears, click OK to proceed restoring Preset Brushes.

How do I get my toolbar back on FireAlpaca?

1) You used the Tab key, which instantly hides all the tool and control windows to give you more drawing space without distractoins. Pressing Tab again brings them all back. 2) You clicked to turn off each window individually. You can turn them on again through the Window menu.

How do you show brushes in FireAlpaca?

It is super easy. First, click the “Add Brush” icon at the bottom-left of Brush Window. The “Edit Brush” window will pop up, then you can set up your preferred brush. “Type” will change a brush type and show the setting options.

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Why can’t I see my layers in FireAlpaca?

Check to see if you pressed TAB (the Show/Hide Function in the Window dropdown menu, located in the menu bar) by accident- this can make the entire workspace (canvas and windows for tools alike) disappear.

How do I get more brushes in FireAlpaca?

Add your favorite brushes by a simple click!

  1. STEP1. Click “Add brush” icon from Brush window and select “Show brush store(Get a brush)..”
  2. STEP2. Brush DL list will open. Then you choose your favorite brushes and click “Add to brush list”.
  3. STEP3. New brushes have been added!

How do I get my layers back in FireAlpaca?

Layer Folder can be open and close by clicking the folder icon n Layer window. When you don’t need layers in Layer Folder, you can easily collapse. You can easily duplicate all the layers in Layer Folder by selecting Layer Folder and clicking “Duplicate Layer”.

How do I get my color wheel back in FireAlpaca?

I accidentally hid the color wheel, how do I make it appear again? If you closed the Color window, use Window menu, Color to restore it. If you have the color bar instead of the wheel, use Color menu, Color Wheel. If you dragged the Color window off the edge of the screen, try Window menu, Initialize.

How do I reset FireAlpaca layout?

Resetting FireAlpaca to its original state

  1. Download again, make sure you download from the official site firealpaca.com/en and not from other freeware/download sites.
  2. Help menu, Open Config Folder. Leave the file explorer open (Windows. …
  3. Uninstall FireAlpaca.
  4. Delete the Config folder. …
  5. Reinstall FireAlpaca.
  6. Restart your computer.
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How do you redo in FireAlpaca?

And regardless of software manufacturer, the common shortcut key for “Undo” is “Ctrl + Z”. Place your hand that doesn’t handle a mouse or pen on the keyboard, and try to use “Ctrl + Z” shortcut key instead of going to the menu. You may feel strange at first.

Can I download brushes for FireAlpaca?

Brushes by Ooupoutto

The DeviantArt community is full of these brush kits and it’s the best website to find similar resources. Especially for FireAlpaca. With this pack you’ll get 20+ different brushes along with some instructions on setup.

Can you animate on FireAlpaca?

FireAlpaca is a very user-friendly and useful drawing tool, but you can also use it to animate. Whether one is an animator or a novice artist, anyone can create a simple or complex animation in FireAlpaca.

Is FireAlpaca better than Medibang?

Honestly the only difference i see in medibang and firealpaca is that one has cloud and also better brushes (medibang basically). … I haven’t tried fire alpaca that much, but I can say that I’ve been working with medibang for 2+ years now and I’ve been happy with it.

Can you merge layers in FireAlpaca?

Select the upper (character) layer, then click the Merge Layer button at the bottom of the layer list. This will merge the selected layer with the layer below. (With the upper layer selected, you could also use the Layer menu, Merge Down.)

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