What does the finger button do on procreate?

You can paint on the canvas with your fingertip. If you use Apple Pencil with Procreate, you don’t need to paint with your finger anymore. Instead, you can set a one-finger tap to bring up QuickMenu. as a handy shortcut.

How do you make procreate not draw with finger?


Go to Actions > Prefs > Gesture Controls, then General > Disable Touch actions.

How do you pinch on procreate?

Go to the Wrench Icon > Preferences > Rapid Undo Delay.

  1. Tip 2: Full Screen Quick Pinch. …
  2. Tip 3: Go Full Screen with a Four Finger Tap. …
  3. Tip 4: Clear a Layer with a Three Finger Wiggle. …
  4. Tip 5: Open the Cut, Copy, Paste menu with a Three Finger Swipe Down. …
  5. Tip 6: Adjust Shapes in Quick Shape by Holding an Extra Finger.

What is right hand interface procreate?

The Right-hand interface setting is for those who prefer it on the other side of the canvas. Tap Actions > Prefs > Right-hand interface to switch sides.

What is the square button in procreate?

The square means the button between opacity and size sliders.

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Can I use finger instead of Apple pencil?

When a Apple Pencil is connected, only the pencil will draw. Your fingers will be used for scrolling, panning, and swiping instead.

Why is my procreate not drawing?

If it’s an earlier version, check in iPad Settings under Procreate in the apps sidebar). Also, open a a canvas and go to Prefs > Advanced gesture controls and make sure both Apple Pencil and Touch are set to Selected Tool. … I will check and see if my apple pencil is still doing it once it charges.

Why can’t I zoom in on procreate?

Check in the iPad Settings app under General > Accessibility. If Zoom is turned on there, turn it off. … Also check that Palm Support under Procreate in the iPad Settings app is set to Disabled if you’re using the Pencil – it has its own palm rejection technology.

How do you procreate liquify?

To Liquify in Procreate, open the Adjustments tab and click on the Liquify button. Choose between Push, Twirl Right, Twirl Left, Pinch, Expand, Crystals, or Edge. Use your finger or stylus to apply your chosen Liquify feature to your piece of art.

Is there an Undo button on procreate pocket?

Two-finger Tap to Undo

To Undo a series of actions, tap and hold two fingers on the canvas. After a moment, Procreate will rapidly step back through your most recent changes.

How do I hide the side bar in procreate?

One thing you can do is a 4-finger tap to hide and unhide the Procreate Interface. One thing you can do is a 4-finger tap to hide and unhide the Procreate Interface. Thank you for the tip. The 4-finger tap would be the gesture equivalent to the TAB keyboard shortcut in Photoshop that is used to enter fullscreen mode.

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How do I enable quick menu?

To open the Quick Settings menu, swipe down from the top of your screen. This opens either the compact or the expanded view of the Quick Settings menu, depending on your smartphone or tablet and on the screen you are swiping from.

What is procreate quick menu?

QuickMenu is a very useful tool that allows you to set shortcuts to your most used actions. This means you can quickly access your favourite brush or create a new layer with the tap of a button, not wasting time opening different panels looking for the action you want!

How do I find actual size in procreate?

You can see, in Gallery, when you tap the + sign on the right, what size canvases you have to chose from. From that place you can make your own custom canvases, making sure they are the size you need.

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