Quick Answer: How do you see how much time you’ve spent on a drawing in procreate?

How much time have you been spending on average per piece? You can find this information easily in Procreate by opening a file going to the Actions Menu > Canvas > Canvas Information > Statistics > Tracked Time. This will tell you how long it took you to finish your piece, minus any breaks you took.

How do you watch time lapse on procreate?

  1. Go To ‘Settings’ To access ‘Settings’ tap the wrench icon on the top left of your Procreate toolbar.
  2. Tap ‘Video’ …
  3. Toggle ‘Time-lapse Recording’ on. …
  4. Draw Artwork. …
  5. Go To Settings>Video>Time-lapse Replay. …
  6. Tap ‘Export Time-lapse Replay’ …


Does procreate record?

Procreate will capture drawings on the canvas in a video recording that you can then export. By default it’s going to record you so to turn this off select the tools icon ( ) > Video > toggle Time-lapse recording. If you are feeling especially brave you can start a live broadcast from this menu as well.

How do you record your screen on procreate?

Procreate’s internal Screen Capture has been removed from Procreate 4, but may return in a later update. You can use the iOS Screen Recording feature – go into Settings > Control Centre > Customize Controls then tap on Screen Recording to activate the option in your Control Centre.

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How fast is the time lapse on procreate?

Tap Actions > Video > Time-lapse Replay. This plays back your video within Procreate on a loop, at 30 frames per second.

Is there a way to slow down procreate time lapse?

You can’t slow it down but it records what happens on the screen at normal speed so it’ll be a lot easier to follow than the time-lapse.

Can you record yourself drawing on procreate?

Procreate 3.2: Screen Capture

Use the Screen Capture option under the Video menu to record your artwork in real time. You can also use your iPad camera and microphone to record yourself, or you can choose to turn this function off if you’d rather let your artwork speak for itself.

What is maximum speed distance in procreate?

Maximum Speed Distance

Determine the distance a stroke must travel before its Speed registers as 100%. If you find that brushes with speed-based settings are too sudden or sluggish for you. This is the setting to try changing for better results.

Can you edit videos on procreate?

Procreate doesn’t have regular video editing tools like rotating, cropping, effects, and speeding control. However, it lets you create time-lapse videos of your drawing process and edit the parts you want. You can replay the time-lapse, add private layers, and make changes to any layer.

How do you change time lapse quality in procreate?

To change the video quality of your Procreate time lapse videos, create a custom canvas from your Gallery. Within the Custom Canvas settings, click on the Time-Lapse settings in the toolbar on the left hand side. From there, choose your resolution, quality, and whether you want to use HEVC.

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Can I record a drawing on my iPad?

In iOS 11 or later, and iPadOS, you can create a screen recording and capture sound on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls, then tap next to Screen Recording. … Tap Start Recording, then wait for the three-second countdown. Open Control Center and tap .

How do you blend in procreate?

Blend your artwork, smooth out strokes, and mix color.

Tap Smudge the select a brush from the Brush Library. Tap or drag your finger on your brushstrokes and colors to blend your artwork. The Smudge tool creates varying effects depending on the value of the opacity slider.

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