Question: How do I activate Krita bundles?

To import a bundle click on Import Bundles/Resources button on the top right side of the dialog. Select . bundle file format from the file type if it is not already selected, browse to the folder where you have downloaded the bundle, select it and click Open.

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Where is Krita resource folder?

Your resources folder is usually at ~/. local/share/krita and you can manually put brushes, brush presets and bundles into the appropriate folders in there.

How do I delete Krita bundles?

As u/knu21 suggested you can delete the bundle by clicking on Open resource folder and then delete the bundle from bundle folder. Also there is a difference in Brushes and Brush Presets. Brushes are the brush tip or texture used in the brush preset.

Can I add brushes to Krita?

Currently Krita only import a brush texture from abr file, you have to recreate the brushes by adding appropriate values in size, spacing etc. They can be modified/tagged in the brush preset editor.

How many brushes are in Krita?

With over 120+ brush presets and dozens of custom styles I really have to praise the Krita Modular Brushset for its ingenuity.

Where are Krita brushes stored?

Krita’s brush settings are stored into the metadata of a 200×200 PNG (the KPP file), where the image in the PNG file becomes the preset icon. This icon is used everywhere in Krita, and is useful for differentiating brushes in ways that the live preview cannot.

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How do I update Krita?

You just run the new installer. You can just run the new installer, it’ll replace the previous one. Or use the zip file versions and keep them next to each other.

What brushes to use in Krita?

For sketching the simple round brush is enough, for painting I would use something with texture (“Dry” or “Chalk” brushes). Tip: you can right-click on a brush and add a flag to it, and then filter all brushes for that flag – that way you’ll see only brushes you chose in a docker.

How do I delete inactive bundles Krita?

In case you wish to delete the bundles you have imported permanently click on the Open Resource Folder button in the Manage Resources dialog. This will open the resource folder in your file manager / explorer. Go inside the bundles folder and delete the bundle file which you don’t need any more.

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