How do you select all of one color in FireAlpaca?

Go to the top of the screen and click “Window”, then “Color” from the menu. A window should open; choose your desired color here. Select the Bucket tool. A gray selection bar inside of your FireAlpaca window (the bucket tool is not in the Brush window) contains a lot of tools.

How do I delete one color in FireAlpaca?

If it’s possible, try using the magic wand to select the color you want to get rid of, hold shift to select more than once, and then erase that way.

How do you select a whole layer in FireAlpaca?

Layer Folder lets you move and transform multiple layers at once. Select Layer Folder in Layer window, Move layers with Move tool. You can transform holistically by going to “Select” > “Transform” (“Ctrl+T” is Shortcut Key for Windows, and “Command+T” is for Mac Mac)

How do you use the eyedropper in FireAlpaca?

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  1. You can use the Eyedropper tool on the main toolbar (shortcut key: I, for a verbal pun – thanks for the reminder, queenlinee!),
  2. or hold the Alt key (Windows) to temporarily change the current tool to the Eyedropper (Macs the same, anyone?), changing back to the current tool when you release,
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How do I change colors in FireAlpaca?

Either press Ctrl+Z a few times or go up to Edit>Undo until you’re back to your red-colored selection. It should be two steps, one to undo the unselect and another to undo the color change.

Where is the transform tool in Firealpaca?

First, use the selection tools to select the area you want to move and shrink. Next, use Select menu, Transform (shortcut Ctrl+T on Windows, Cmmd+T on Mac). Drag the nodes to resize the selected area, drag inside the transform box to move the selected area, and drag outside the box to rotate the selected area.

How do you use eyedropper?

How to Use an Eye Dropper Properly

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  2. Lie down on a level surface. …
  3. Stare straight up at the ceiling. …
  4. Use your least dominant hand to gently pull down the eyelid. …
  5. Release a drop into your eye. …
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  8. Wait a few moments between applying a new eye drop type.


How do I change theme in FireAlpaca?

Short answer: you cannot. There are no “themes” for the FireAlpaca interface. However, MediBang Paint Pro, a sibling program to Firealpaca, has a dark interface. It is based on the same code, with most of the same painting features and using the same file format.

How do you replace one color with another in MediBang?

If you are using Medibang Paint on your computer, select a layer where you want to change the color. Go to filter on the top left, select Hue. You can adjust the colors the way you want with these bars.

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How do you open the color wheel in FireAlpaca?

I accidentally hid the color wheel, how do I make it appear again? If you closed the Color window, use Window menu, Color to restore it. If you have the color bar instead of the wheel, use Color menu, Color Wheel. If you dragged the Color window off the edge of the screen, try Window menu, Initialize.

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