How do you move things in Autodesk SketchBook?

How do you move an object in Autodesk SketchBook?

To move, rotate, or scale a selected area for all layers, merge the layers first. To move a selection, highlight the move outer circle. Tap, then drag to move the layer around the canvas. To rotate a selection around its center, highlight the rotate middle circle.

How do you lasso and move in Autodesk SketchBook?

Using Quick Selections

  1. Rectangle (M) – Tap in the toolbar or press the M key, then tap-drag to select an area.
  2. Lasso (L) – Tap in the toolbar or press the L key, then tap-drag to select an area.


How do you use motion in SketchBook?

To create from scratch or use existing images

  1. Draw directly with the brushes using your finger or Apple Pencil.
  2. Import any images from your Photos.
  3. Use layers to assign different animation modes to elements in your scene.
  4. Apply simple gestures to make things grow, move, or emit particles.


Can you move drawings in SketchBook?

Repositioning your selection in SketchBook for Mobile

To free-form move the selection, drag with your finger in the middle of the puck to place the selection. To move the selection a pixel at a time, tap the arrow for the direction you want. Each time you tap it, the selection is moved one pixel in that direction.

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Where is the move tool in Autodesk SketchBook?

In the Layer Editor, select one or multiple layers (use Shift to select consecutive layers and Ctrl to select non-consecutive layers). … Tap-drag the puck to move, scale, and/or rotate all the content.

How do you use a lasso tool?

The Lasso tool is useful for drawing freeform segments of a selection border. Select the Lasso tool , and set feathering and anti-aliasing in the options bar. (See Soften the edges of selections.) To add to, subtract from, or intersect with an existing selection, click the corresponding button in the options bar.

How do you create shapes in Autodesk SketchBook?

Using Shape tools in SketchBook Pro Mobile

  1. Tap , then. Shapes.
  2. Tap one of the following styles, then tap-drag to draw: to draw a straight line. to draw a rectangle. …
  3. Do one of the following: Tap-drag to draw a shape. To stay in the tool and change the brush and/or color, tap , then tap or . …
  4. To exit the tool, tap x.


Is Autodesk SketchBook motion free?

It’s available for Android and iOS phones and tablets – and there desktop version version for Macs and PCs. The mobile/tablet version of Autodesk SketchBook 4.0 was released last year as free to download from iTunes and Google Play, but there was another option – Sketchbook Pro – which unlocked all the app’s features.

Can you animate on SketchBook app?

Animation in SketchBook Motion

SketchBook Motion was named iPad App of the Year for 2016. … Of course, it’s got Apple Pencil support – it even offers an iMessage App so we can share animation in a flash. Bring life to your images! Create beautiful animated scenes, communicate simple to complex concepts, or just have fun!

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How do I move the canvas in Autodesk SketchBook Windows 10?

Transforming your canvas in SketchBook in Windows 10

To scale the canvas, spread your fingers apart, expanding them, to scale up the canvas. Pinch them together, to scale down the canvas. To move the canvas, drag your fingers across or up/down the screen.

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