How do you move the color palette in procreate?

Tap on the color icon in the upper right and add a new palette. Next, tap on the procreate eyedropper tool and move it over a color you want to add to the palette. Or, for a shortcut, just tap and hold the color that you would like until the eyedropper tool appears.

How do you rearrange palettes in procreate?

To rearrange the order of your palettes, press and hold a title. Drag the palette to a new position in the list, then release.

How many color palettes can you have in procreate?

30 colors per palette – Procreate allows for each palette to have 30 color choices per palette. You can easily move and change colors – It is effortless to move or change the palette colors.

How do you create a color palette?

One of the simplest ways to create a professional looking color scheme is to take a few tones, tints, and shades of a given color (avoiding the pure hue), and then add in another pure hue (or close to pure) that’s at least three spaces away on the color wheel (part of a tetradic, triatic, or split-complementary color …

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Can you download palettes on procreate?

Peruse our FREE Procreate color palette library below. To download a palette, from your iPad simply tap one of the color schemes below. … Tap it to import to Procreate. Be sure to read our tutorial about how to use a color palette in your artwork!

Why is procreate stuck in grayscale?

Try doing a hard reboot to see if that fixes it: first clear all backgrounded apps by double-pressing the Home button then swiping up on them. Then hold down the Home and Lock buttons together until the screen goes black, wait a few moments, and turn the iPad on again.

How do I change my procreate profile color?

Here’s a step-by-step on creating the color profile you need.

  1. Open Procreate and click the + button at the top right to create a new canvas. …
  2. Click on the button that shows a square with a little + in it. …
  3. Click on the Color Profiles button. …
  4. Choose one of the color profiles in the CMYK or RGB list.

Why cant I drag and drop a color on procreate?

The most likely explanation is that the ColorDrop Threshold was set too high on both devices. To fix this: When you drag a colour into a closed area on your layer, maintain screen contact as you let the colour flood in, then keep holding afterwards – still without breaking contact.

How do I select a color from an image in procreate?

To select colors from an image in Procreate, open the image in Procreate’s Reference tool, or import it as a new layer. Hold a finger on top of the image to activate the eyedropper and release it on a color. Click an empty spot in your color palette to save it. Repeat for all colors in your image.

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How do you get true white on procreate?

Select classic pallet and put the top line all the way to the left the middle line all the way to the left and the bottom line all the way to the right. That will give you white.

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