How do you get liquify in procreate pocket?

Tap Modify > Adjustments > Retouch > Liquify to enter the Liquify interface. Rather than using a simple drag motion to apply effects, Liquify works like a brush. Liquify lets you ‘paint’ your effects onto the canvas using your finger.

Does procreate pocket have liquify?

Procreate Pocket 3 boasts liquify, text and more in its latest update. For precision adjustments, Warp and Distort apply up to 16 nodes to any given part of the canvas, allowing artists to wrap, fold, and curve their artwork.

Is there a warp tool in procreate?

Procreate 4.1 also brings the new Warp Transform mode, with phenomenal GPU performance. With up to 16 adjustable nodes and intuitive depth layering, Warp can be used in conjunction with the Freeform and Distort Transform modes for precise and powerful changes.

What stylus works with procreate pocket?

Maglus stylus (mini). You can use it with iPhone in horizontal and vertical mode. But Adonit Jot Touch Pixelpoint (in horizontal mode only) works very good too (as a dumb styli). It will be great if newer Procreate Pocket versions will support bluetooth enabled styluses.

How do you pinch on procreate?

Pinch to Zoom

Place your fingers on the canvas and pinch your fingers together to zoom out. Pinch your fingers apart to zoom in.

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How do you use the liquify tool in Ibispaint?

From ① the Tool Selection window, select ② Filter. Select ① Wet Edge. Drag the ① Slider to adjust Width and Strength of the water color border. When finished, return to the canvas with ② ✓ button .

Can you curve text on procreate?

To curve text in Procreate with the warp tool, make sure that all of your text layers are selected. Click the Transform tool tab and choose the Warp option. Pull the ends of your text down and push the middle up. Keep doing this until you get the curve you’re looking for.

Can you add text to procreate pocket?

You can now add and edit text directly in the app before you rasterize it. This makes Procreate Pocket a more complete app — you no longer have to prepare text elsewhere and import it. It’s also meant to be a fast app.

Is there a mirror effect on procreate?

Select ‘Edit Drawing Guide’

You should be seeing a tool panel on the bottom of the screen. It has four options (2D Grid, Isometric, Perspective, and Symmetry) for now we’re only going to work with one of them; Symmetry. This is the tool that lets you mirror objects.

How do you expand in procreate pocket?

For example, holding a menu button while pinching to expand/contract the selection. This would be akin to the modal method Procreate uses for zooming the canvas while holding the selection arrow.

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