How do I stack in procreate?

You can create a Stack in two ways: using Select mode, or using drag and drop. In Select mode, tap multiple artworks to select them, then tap the Stack button. You can also drag and drop an artwork thumbnail on to another thumbnail to merge them into a new stack.

How do I add artwork to a stack?

If you drag a canvas over a Stack and then long-hold it there until the Stack flashes blue, it will open and you can drop that image inside where you want it. Alternatively, tap ‘Select’ at the top right, then tap the artwork(s) and the existing Stack so each is blue-checked.

How do you move art out of stack in procreate?

To move artworks out of a Stack just hold on the thumbnail of one image to pick it up, then move it slightly from its original position. While you’re holding this first one, any other thumbnail you tap with a second finger will join the group you can drag.

Can you make folders on procreate?

Just pick up a painting (hold) and move it to hover over another. When you drop it, it’ll create a new group. From there you can add more, rename, etc., just like a folder. If you want to move one out of the group, just pick up the painting and drop it over the back button in the corner.

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Can you stack within a stack procreate?

Once you’ve selected multiple artworks, you can to use the toolbar buttons to Share, Duplicate and Delete. Or you can also combine them into a new Stack. To rearrange selected artworks and Stacks in your Gallery, tap and hold on an artwork to pick them all up.

Can you Unmerge layers in procreate?

When you merge layers in Procreate, you can only unmerge them by immediately using the undo feature. If you wait too long or close your design, your merged layers will be permanent and you won’t be able to unmerge them.

What is procreate ICC folder?

Procreate 5’s importable ICC colour profiles allow you to see what your work will look like through the lens of a specific CMYK or RGB profile – perfect for comic book artists or artists selling prints of their work.

Can you rename stacks in procreate?

How to Name Stacks in Procreate. To name stacks in Procreate, stay within your general Gallery and click on the name of your stack. If it’s unnamed, it will say “Stack.” Simply click on that and enter your new name. Repeat this process whenever you need to rename a stack.

Can you group layers in procreate?

Create. When you select multiple layers, you will see the Group option appear on the top right of the Layers panel. Tap it to gather your selected layers into a Group.

How do I move a folder in procreate?

Tap on the canvas and hold until it lifts up…. drag it to the top of the folder which will move it out to the gallery by itself. Now move it wherever you want.

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How do I move text around in procreate?

Move Text. Move your Text and resize the bounding box around it. To move your Text, drag the active bounding box around the canvas.

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