How do I save a layer in clip studio paint?

1Select the [File] menu → [Save as]. Save files in CLIP STUDIO FORMAT (extension: . clip) from the [Save as] dialog box.

How do I save a drawing in layers?


  1. If necessary, open the Layer Properties Manager by clicking Home tab Layers panel Layer Properties.
  2. Click to open the Layer States Manager.
  3. Select the layer state you want to export, and click Export.
  4. In the Export Layer State dialog box, select a name and location for the LAS file, and click Save.
  5. Click Close.


How do I save multiple layers in clip studio?

Batch export

  1. 1Select the [File] menu > [Export multiple pages] > [Batch export]. …
  2. 2Set the export location, file format, file name, and range of pages to export.
  3. (1) When using Windows/macOS, click [Browse] and specify the [Export folder].
  4. (2) Specify the file format.
  5. (3) Enter a name for the file to export.

How do I add a paper layer in clip studio paint?


  1. 1Select [Layer] Menu > [Paper].
  2. 2In the [Color settings] dialog box, select the color you want the paper to be.
  3. 3Creates a Paper layer in the [Layer] Palette.
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Does Paint Tool SAI save layers?

yes you can! by saving the SAI as . psd file and from Photoshop using Script -> Export Layer to files option for exporting all your layer into separate images. You can turn off your other layers so only one image frame is showing and export it as a .

How do I copy a layer from one Autocad drawing to another?

To copy the content of a layer to another drawing one:

  1. In the original drawing select the objects to copy (tip: use right-click > Isolate Objects)
  2. Right-click > Clipboard > Copy with Base Point.
  3. Switch to the new drawing and set the target layer as current.
  4. Right-click > Clipboard > Paste to Original Coordinates.


How do I convert a clip to a PSD?

How to convert online CLIP to PSD?

  1. Upload CLIP file. Select files from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, URL or by dragging them on the page.
  2. Select ‘PSD’ Select output PSD or any other format as the conversion result (click the Convert button)
  3. Download your PSD file.

How do I export an animation from clip studio paint?

Export Your Moving Illustration

  1. 1Select the [File] menu→[Export animation]→[Animated GIF].
  2. 2In the [Save As] dialog box, select the folder in which to save your work and click [Save].
  3. 3The [Animated GIF export settings] dialog box is displayed. Check the settings and click [OK].
  4. 4A message displaying the file size is displayed.

How do you add a page in clip studio paint?

Click a page thumbnail in the [Page Manager] window to select the page. Select [Story] menu → [Add Page] to add a new page after the selected page.

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Does clip studio paint use layers?

In CLIP STUDIO PAINT, there are several ways to combine layers. You can combine layers via the [Layer] menu, the Palette menu of the [Layer] palette, or by right-clicking the [Layer] palette. Merge the selected layer with the layer below it.

Does clip studio paint have layers?

To create a new layer, select the [Layer] menu > [New Layer]. The layer is created above the layer currently selected on the [Layer] palette. A layer can also be created by clicking [New Raster Layer] on the [Layer] palette.

Where are my layers in clip studio paint?

Paint Tool SAI has a shortcut CTRL+Shift, which helps find the layer when you put a cursor on the part of the painting. Especially helpful when there are multiple layers and you forgot what was in each layer.

How do you add textures to clip studio?

Clip Studio Paint has a lot of texture materials. You can find them in [Window > Material > Monochromatic pattern] Just drag the material to the canvas to apply the texture and it will appear at the top of all the layers. You can also rotate the material from the [Tool Property] palette.

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