How do I outline an image in procreate?

Is there an outline tool in procreate?

Making the outline solid

You can access this with a gesture by using two fingers to press and hold on the layer. Choose the color you want the outline to be. In the bottom selection toolbar, turn on Color Fill. … With Color Fill turned on, each time you select the layer contents, it will fill in the selection with color.

Can procreate outline a picture?

If you then slide your finger/stylus to the left across the screen you can progressively reduce the opacity of the image until it’s as faint as you’d like it to be. … This is reversible, so at any stage you can reactivate the slider and increase or decrease the opacity of that layer.

Can you import photos into procreate?

To insert a compatible image file, tap Actions > Add > Insert a file. This will open the Files app displaying your recent images. You can also Browse all your connected folders using the navigation bar at the bottom. You can import PNG, JPEG, and PSD files.

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