How do I change the drawing guide in procreate?

To enable a Drawing Guide, head to your Actions menu. Under the Canvas tab, you’ll find options to toggle and edit your Drawing Guide for that artwork. If you haven’t previously used a Drawing Guide on this canvas, you’ll first need to enable Drawing Guides using the toggle, then hit Edit Drawing Guide.

How do I edit a drawing guide?

The drawing guide can be accessed in the Canvas panel in the Actions menu (wrench icon at the top left of the screen.) Toggle it on to edit the drawing guide. It can also be turned on in the layers panel. If you use a drawing guide for a canvas, Procreate will remember the settings.

How do I change the grid size in procreate?

  1. Tap on ‘Settings’ icon. It’s the wrench in the top left corner of your Procreate toolbar.
  2. Select Canvas icon. …
  3. Turn ‘Drawing Guides’ toggle on. …
  4. Select ‘Edit Drawing Guide’ …
  5. Select Guide Type: 2D Grid. …
  6. Select Size, Thickness, Opacity. …
  7. Pick your 2D Grid color by dragging finger across rainbow line under top toolbar. …
  8. Tap Done.


How do I get rid of the drawing guide in procreate?

2) If that’s not it, open the Layers menu. If you see Assisted on a layer thumbnail, tap that thumbnail to open the Layer Options menu, and tap Drawing Assist there to turn it off.

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Does procreate have a perspective tool?

Perspective can be depicted as one-point, two-point, or three-point. … Luckily, Procreate has a super handy perspective Drawing Guide feature that makes it easy to apply this structure to your work.

How do you mirror a drawing in procreate?

If you’re familiar with using Drawing Guides in Procreate you can skip to step 5 if you want, otherwise hang with me.

  1. Tap on ‘Settings’ icon. …
  2. Select Canvas icon. …
  3. Turn ‘Drawing Guides’ toggle on. …
  4. Select ‘Edit Drawing Guide’ …
  5. Select Guide Type: Symmetry to Mirror. …
  6. Select Opacity and Thickness. …
  7. Tap Done to mirror!


Can you use a ruler on procreate?

No ruler in Procreate at this time. … Procreate doesn’t currently have any print mark features, so you’ll need to use other apps or draw them by hand.

How does perspective work in procreate?

In Actions > Canvas, tap Edit Drawing Guide. This will take you to the Drawing Guides screen. Tap the Perspective button on the bottom of the screen. Your Perspective Guide appears as thin lines that overlay your artwork.

What does drawing Assist do in procreate?

Drawing Assist forces any paint strokes you make to follow your guidelines, allowing you to create stunning perspective artworks easily. If you prefer to draw outside the lines, toggle this option off. If you want even more control over Drawing Assist, check out Gesture Controls in your Actions > Prefs menu!

How do I turn off drawing assist?

Hi Adrianna – open the Gesture Controls in the Prefs tab of the Actions menu, tap the Assisted Drawing tab, and make sure the switches are off for Touch and Apple Pencil.

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Why is symmetry on procreate not working?

If you toggle ON your Drawing Guide, but the symmetry feature isn’t working, make sure that Assisted Drawing is enabled on your layer. If it isn’t, you won’t be able to draw in symmetry.

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