Can you edit lines in procreate?

Tap the Transform button (the arrow in the top toolbar) and you can precisely adjust the line. As far as instructions, we’re working on updating the Procreate Handbook for Procreate 3. We’ll release the updated Handbook as soon as it’s complete.

Is there a line tool in procreate?

QuickLine and QuickShape are two very handy tools for making perfectly straight lines. When you draw a line using Procreate and you don’t lift your pencil, the line should automatically become straight.

How do you not color outside the lines in procreate?

To color inside the lines with Procreate, use ColorDrop to fill your shape in with white. Turn on the Alpha Lock for that layer, which will prevent you from coloring outside of the lines of that shape.

Can you make lines thinner in procreate?

If you drew a thick line art, and want all your lines to be on the same level of Thickness, you press on the new Line thickness tool above (next to the other ones like the selection tool) and slide your finger across the screen, to make all the lines in your selected layer or the ones you manually selected, to become …

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Why is my procreate only drawing straight lines?

Why is Procreate Only Drawing Straight Lines? If Procreate will only draw straight lines, it’s likely that Drawing Assist has accidentally been triggered or left on. Navigate to the Actions tab and click on Preferences. Next, click on Gesture Controls and then Assisted Drawing.

How do I get rid of white lines in procreate?

You can adjust the Threshold by maintaining contact with the screen after the fill to invoke the blue slider (don’t lift off the screen first – Automatic Select lets you do that, but for ColorDrop it has to be part of the same action). This should eliminate the gap you’re seeing.

How do you cut out a shape in procreate?

How to Cut in Procreate. To cut in Procreate, make sure that your desired layer is highlighted, or you’ve used the select tool to select your desired elements. Swipe up with 3 fingers to access the copy and paste menu and click Cut. You can also click on the wrench to open the Actions tab and click the Cut button there …

How do you make a perfect circle in Apple pencil without procreate?

You can use the hard air brush to make a perfect circle. Just set the brush size and give a single firm poke on the screen. You can scale it afterwards.

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