Just another day……

A year ago I don’t quite remember exactly what I was doing on my birthday.   I might have some digital photos as a reminder but no drawings. Whilst I did draw on occasion (usually on holiday!), it was not a regular thing, certainly not every day or even every week. It was last April (2014) that I started drawing (again) and I made an agreement to myself for the first time, to do it as often as I could and that has led to me drawing something, even if its only for 15 minutes, every day.

So this year, my birthday was different, I was able to capture elements of the day (we visited Yorkshire Sculpture Park) with my scribbles. Now admittedly, they are not as fluid and spontaneous as I would like (I’m hoping that these elements will develop with time and practice), but I have captured aspects that will therefore remain with me. Firstly, because I believe that by drawing I have a better memory and vision of them in my mind and secondly because I have a physical record of them to look back on! I have written before about the reasons that I draw, you can read that here; but my birthday has bought a number of these reasons to the front of my mind.LizAckerley_Scribbles_YSPI love the aspect of drawing in sketchbooks that is about reportage and documentation of life, a visual diary. I think this is a big part of why I have continued and what spurs me on to develop my drawing and writing skills. I have a long way to go to develop good composition skills that will enable me to create full and balanced pages that tell the story, my story, but I am making a start!LizAckerely_Scribbles_YSPcafeI have often not enjoyed my birthday; I think I have felt that it is ‘just like any other day’ (no idea what I thought would happen or why it would be so different anyway!), but by recording my day, it was fine for it to be ‘just another day’ and that day felt more special!  Perhaps when you draw, there is no such thing as ‘just another day’!   Drawing enables you to see better, more richly, more detail, more, well, just more!   So by drawing these elements of my birthday, the ordinary felt extraordinary –good enough reason to carry on drawing for another year I reckon!LizAckerleyScribbles_sunflowersandlemonade

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  1. I feel the same way about my birthday, just another day. And I totally agree that drawing your day, gives it more richness, and can help you remember something special about an ordinary day.

    1. Hi Rebecca, thanks for your response, its interesting to know that others feel the same about their birthday and that drawing adds that depth and richness you describe. Best wishes Liz

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