Holiday sketching: Zante in a sketchbook

As promised, this is the second post of my holiday sketches from Zante, the first, arguably more polished sketches, can be found here.  I am so pleased that I decided to take a small portable A5 moleskin watercolour sketchbook as well as working on loose paper.  The sketchbook enabled me to record my visual diary, in parallel with the finished pieces on paper and importantly, it allowed me to be looser, more experimental, less polished and to have fun!   I was able to use a variety of media which allowed me to be more spontaneous.  The media included watercolour pencils (sometimes used wet, sometimes dry), graphite, gel pens (white, gold and silver), watercolour and pen and ink.  Of course, if I wasn’t travelling, I could arguably have used even more of a mixed media approach, but this was enough in the first instance!  I also used receipts and a bakery bag (that my feta pasty was in!) to sketch on further adding to the spontaneity of the sketches.  I think in the future, I may choose to add more written narrative.  Another advantage of this more experimental approach was it freed me to think about the composition of the double pages as well; using colour, texture, etc to connect the elements. Some worked better than others but I will be able to further develop my compositional skills now that my sketchbook has a slightly different function.  Here are the pages, which I have chosen to show as my sketchbook pages, rather than crop and fiddle with them too much.  I think they are better for their rawness!





It was an enjoyable and productive week.  I hope that the combination of finished pieces and sketchbook pages help to convey to you that ‘sense of place’ and a flavour for the holiday.  For me, it is wonderful to be able to have my own visual record of my memories of the place.

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