What is RGB header for?

RGB or ARGB headers are used to connect RGB LED strips and other RGB accessories to your PC. However, an RGB header (usually a 12V 4-pin connector) can only control colors on a strip in a limited number of ways.

Do RGB fans need RGB headers?

Completely depends on the fan. I recently installed a few Corsair LL120 fans which are RGB fans, and they do not need an rgb header. Basically each fan has two cables, one cable goes to the fan header on the motherboard like normal (or to a fan controller in this case).

What is RGB on a motherboard?

Z. 0-9. A computer motherboard that has built-in LED lighting just for fun. Commonly employed by gamers who customize their PCs to a great degree, a transparent computer case is used to display these colorful components. See RGB lighting and mod.

Where is the RGB header on my motherboard?

Typically on the right, middle, or bottom of the motherboard.

Can you plug a fan into RGB header?

No you can’t, pinout isn’t compatible.

Does RGB work without RGB header?

No. You just need to connect the lighting node to a USB header on your motherboard. You will then connect the RGB cord from the fan(s) to the lighting node.

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Is RGB really worth?

RGB is cool, but not worth it. It’s not really worth it, if you’re trying to find a place to save money, not buying RGB would be the place. It looks nice but when you’re actually gaming it’s very unlikely you’ll notice the pretty lights on your keyboard.

How do I know if my motherboard is RGB?

Look at the motherboard manual and see what RGB headers you have. If you board supports argb headers, their marketing material will usually make a pretty big point about it. Otherwise, just review the tech specs/manual for it.

Does RGB increase FPS?

Little know fact: RGB does improve performance but only when set to red. If set to blue, it lowers temperatures. If set to green, it is more power efficient.

How many RGB is a header?

Most motherboards come with two RGB headers, each supplying 12V of power. However, if you have a particularly large PC case that you plan on filling with multiple RGB fans, each requiring its own header, this quickly becomes a problem.

Can I use LED header for fan?

So yes, if you connect a LED with a current limiting resistor between GND and the 12V pin, it should vary in brightness according to the fan speed set in the software for that header.

Can I connect case fan to pump header?

If you plug in a case fan, it would just run at full speed (at first). If the header has PWM function, and you plugged in a PWM fan, then you can control its speed via current on constrant +12V DC.

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What is a fan RGB header?

RGB header is for the LED if you buy RGB led fan then there will be two port one is traditional fan port and other is RGB. 0.

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