What does RGB 2835 mean?

LED light strips are by far the most convenient and efficient way to light your homes, offices, factories, and more. … 2835 LED strip is basically a strip that has LED chips with the dimensions 28mm × 35mm mounted and 5050 LED strip is basically a strip that has LED chips with the dimensions 50mm × 5050mm mounted on it.

What is the difference between 2835 and 5050 led?

SMD 2835 Chips look very much like 3528 chips, but they use newer technology and are typically much more efficient. This means that for equivalent power, they can be much, much brighter. They’re smaller than the 5050 chips (2.8mm x 3.5mm). They make the ultimate in task lighting and even work lighting.

What does SMD 2835 mean?

The same shape and size as the 3528 chip, currently most advanced type is the 2835 LED chip. In a nutshell, this chip is a re-engineered 3528 chip with an increased light-emitting surface area and better heat sinks which allows 2 to 3 times more light output than the 3528 chip.

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What do the numbers mean on LED light strips?

The four-digit designation refers to the dimensions of the chip itself, in millimeters. A 3528 chip, for example, measures 3.5mm by 2.8mm, while a 5050 chip is 5.0mm by 5.0mm square. These different sizes dictate how many chips can be placed on a strip, which in turn determines its particular light qualities.

What’s the difference between 3528 and 5050 led?

The 3528 typically contains a single 20 mA LED chip (approximately 0.06 Watts) and a 5050 typically contains three 20 mA LED chips (approximately 0.2 Watts). Therefore, a single 5050 LED package has the capacity of 3x 3528 LEDs. … There are some 3528 RGB LEDs, but these typically contain only one color per LED.

Which is better SMD or COB LED?

SMDs are more efficient than COBs because the light source produces higher lumens per watt, which means that they produce more light with a lower wattage. They produce a wider beam of light which is spread over a greater area.

What does RGB 5050 mean?

5050 SMDs used in RGB LED strip lighting

The 5050 SMD is actually a ‘tri’ chip, meaning it has three smaller chips in every SMD. So each white LED actually has three white chips inside. … (RGBW tape is similar, but uses ‘quad’ LEDs, with an additional white chip.)

How do I know if my LED is SMD?

SMD LEDs, like standard LEDs, are available in different sizes. 1mm to 4mm but they aren’t rated like that. Like most SMD components, they are identified in size numbers. The numbers are determined by Width (inches) multiplied by Length (inches) Ok enough with SMD.

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What are SMD LEDs?

SMD LED. SMD stands for Surface Mounted Devices, a special type of high power LED lights. With no wires, these devices provide less fuss and with seamless application. Instead, SMDs have tiny metallic contacts that can be directly soldered to circuit boards.

What are the brightest LED strips?

SMD (Surface Mounted) 5730 series is the brightest LED strip because it contains powerful LEDs that can create a lot of light.

HOW LONG CAN LED light strips stay on?

HOW LONG DO LED LIGHT STRIPS LAST? LEDs boast a general life expectancy of 50,000 hours. This equates to around six years of continuous use. Over time, LEDs slowly and gradually lose their light output and 50,000 is the number of hours it generally takes for LED lights to diminish to 70% of their original light output.

How many LED strips can you connect together?

We recommend no more than two consecutive strips connected end-to-end. If you do more, you need to add a separate power bus with higher gauge wire to run the strips down the line, or add additional power supplies down the line.

Do LED light strips get hot?

Waveform Lighting LED strips are considered high power and high density, and therefore have a higher temperature rise than typical LED strip lights. … In other words, for an LED strip in a typical room temperature environment of 75°F (24°C), you can expect the LED strip to reach a temperature of 129°F (54°C).

Which is brighter LED 5050 or 3528?

5050 and 3528 are probably the most popular LED light strips in the market right now. You can actually light your entire project using one or both of these strips.

3528 vs 5050: The Showdown.

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3528 5050
Luminosity 360 to 720 Lumens (per meter) 1000 Lumens and Above (per meter)

How much power does a 5050 LED strip use?

Standard wattage of an SMD-5050 5 meter 60 ledsmeter RGB strip is 72W, and max amperage of a 5050 5m strip is 72W/12V=6A. That’s when you’re running it a full-brightness white.

How do I know what type of LED strip?

An LED strip description often includes a 4-digit number such as 5050 or 2835. The number usually describes the size of the chip. For example, a 5050 LED chip measures 5.0 mm wide by 5.0 mm tall. Similarly, a 2835 chip measures 2.8 mm wide by 3.5 mm tall.

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