Question: How do RGB fans connect?

Do RGB fans have 2 cables?

Basically each fan has two cables, one cable goes to the fan header on the motherboard like normal (or to a fan controller in this case). And the second cable goes to an rgb controller (which these corsair fans come with).

How do I connect RGB fans to power supply?

You will find one with a 6-pin connector on one end marked “Perif”, and that plugs into the corresponding socket of the PSU. That cable has THREE female 4-pin Molex output connectors on it, and you should plug one of those into the power input connector of the fan controller in your case.

Do RGB fans need RGB headers?

No. You just need to connect the lighting node to a USB header on your motherboard. You will then connect the RGB cord from the fan(s) to the lighting node.

Do RGB fans need a controller?

Some only need one cable, some need a controller and rgb hub and a lot of other stuff. For example, Corsair’s RGB fans require a the RGB cables of the fans to be plugged into an RGB Hub, and that RGB Hub plugs in to a Lighting Node Pro, which plugs in via SATA power and USB to the motherboard.

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Why do RGB fans have two cables?

Each of the RGB LED fans you have has TWO cables from it: one is for the fan motor (3- or 4-wire), and the other (4 wires, with a larger connector on the end) is for the LED features. This latter connector can be plugged into your mobo’s RGB header (item 11 on manual p.

How many RGB Fans Can you daisy chain?

Available in either Black or White, these fans utilise a single control hub with four inputs, each capable of controlling up to 4 fans each, making it possible to have up to 16 RGB fans connected and controlled by this one hub.

Can I connect RGB fans to motherboard?

Can I plug RGB fans into motherboard? Yes, you can plug RGB fans headers into the motherboard.

What cables do I need for RGB fans?

First, any RGB fan has TWO cables from it. One ends in a standard female fan connector with either 3 holes or 4 in it – depends on the fan motor type. This is for the MOTOR of the fan. Then it has a separate cable much wider that ends on a 4-pin connector, OR a 3-pin connector like the 4-pin but with one pin missing.

Does my motherboard support RGB fans?

Nope, that motherboard does not have any RGB headers. That does not mean you can’t use those fans, you will be however unable to control the light effects in any way. A Cooler Master RGB controller would be solution here.

Can you plug RGB fans into RGB headers?

No you can’t, pinout isn’t compatible.

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Can I install RGB fans without RGB header?

No they aren’t compatible with these fans those all use proprietary systems where the Coolermaster ones use the common RGB SMD5050 type standard. It must be one of those controllers such as ones from these premade plug and go solutions. ok thanks for your help.

Can 3 pin fans plug into 4-pin?

Apparently a 3-pin fan can plug directly into a 4-pin socket. Two of the pins provide power to the fan, the 3rd provides an RPM pulse to the motherboard to read the speed. The 4th pin is for PWM speed control. In the case of a 3-pin fan.

Can you connect RGB fans without controller?

Cooler master’s RGB fans don’t need a controller for RGB as long as you have a motherboard with an RGB header, or you could just add an RGB fan frame like the Phanteks Halo to a regular fan and get RGB that way. I thought RGB fans didn’t need a controller? Just a hub so that they can all connect to and sync.

Do you need RGB?

RGB isn’t a necessary or must have option, but it’s ideal if you are working in dark environments. I suggest putting a light strip behind your desktop to have more light in your room. Even better, you can change colours of the light strip or have a nice looking feel to it.

Do RGB fans need Sata?

I don’t see why you would need one unless if you’re running a fan controller. Or an rgb controller. But both of those items should have a sata cable. These can connect direct to the mother board and controlled via bios.

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