How do you use a RGB splitter?

Simply remove one of the 4-pin male connector using a pair of pliers or your hand, then connect the splitter cable to the fan RGB signal wire. In photo, Fan RGB signal cable, 4-pin male connector and the splitter cable. 4-pin male connectors placed inside the splitter connector.

What does a RGB splitter do?

The 1-to-3 RGB Splitter Cables allow users to extend multiple RGB LED fans and strips to build up aesthetically beautiful lighting systems.

How do addressable RGB splitters work?

The way addressable LEDs work, if you use a splitter, the fans will share identical colors. Where X, Y, and Z are the 3 fans and the / is the splitter, Fans X and X will be the exact same color.

Can you split an RGB splitter?

Light it up! The 6-way D-RGB splitter is connected to the motherboard or some other 5V D-RGB source (like an addressable RGB Controller) and the signal is split to 6 outputs allowing you to connect 6 different D-RGB products to one header. Some of the products you can connect using the splitter cable: Fans.

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Can you split RGB header?

Most motherboards come with two RGB headers, each supplying 12V of power. … A cheaper option, should you have more modest needs, is to split the RGB headers in two. Cables like this four-pin splitter from Amazon, which costs a mere $5/£4 for two, work perfectly.

Where do you put the RGB splitter?

To set it up, simply place the 4-pin male connector in EITHER the fan RGB signal connector, or in one of the three connectors meant for the fan. The 4-pin male connectors may be placed on any of the RGB signal connectors, either on Fan side or on the splitter cable side.

Do RGB fans have 2 cables?

Basically each fan has two cables, one cable goes to the fan header on the motherboard like normal (or to a fan controller in this case). And the second cable goes to an rgb controller (which these corsair fans come with).

What is the difference between Argb and RGB?

aRGB header uses 5V of power, where RGB header uses 12V. To put it simple, RGB header is mostly for RGB light strip (A long chain of RGB LED light). aRGB header is mostly for devices that has its own controller built in. This is the best I can come out with.

How many times can you split Argb header?

Fans containing ARGB lighting devices in them are just another form of “lighting strip”. So yes, you CAN power and control all your ARGB devices from that one header using RGB Splitters. BUT you MUST adhere to the 3.0 A total current limit. And do NOT go by the “120 LED’s max” guideline.

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Is D RGB addressable?

With Digital-RGB each LED is controlled individually (addressable), featuring more patterns and color modes. With Phantek’s D-RGB starter kit, you’ll have everything you need to get started with Digital RGB lighting.

Do I need a splitter for RGB fans?

You will need to get a 3rd party splitter for you mobo. No it does not. … One plug is a 3 pin that connects to your motherboard fan headers for power. The other plug goes to the included lighting node core and that’s how you control the rgb on the fans.

How many RGB Fans Can you daisy chain?

Available in either Black or White, these fans utilise a single control hub with four inputs, each capable of controlling up to 4 fans each, making it possible to have up to 16 RGB fans connected and controlled by this one hub.

How many fans can a RGB header support?

You can chain up to five fans together.

Can I use RGB fans without RGB header?

No. You just need to connect the lighting node to a USB header on your motherboard. You will then connect the RGB cord from the fan(s) to the lighting node.

How many LEDs can a RGB header support?

The 60 led limit is per rgb connector on motherboard… it’s just a number picked based on maximum current (3A) and total led strip length. Fans don’t count, those leds are powered from 12v in fan connector. Each RGB led can consume up to around 15-20 mA per color, so let’s go with a simple round 50mA per led.

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