Best answer: How do I freeze a GIF in PowerPoint?

Can you pause a GIF in PowerPoint?

Animated Gifs can spice up your Powerpoints but they cannot be controlled ie you cannot stop and start the animation within Powerpoint. … In custom animation give the animated version an entrance animation of appear and an exit animation of disappear, set the exit to “with previous”.

How do I control a GIF in PowerPoint?

Select the slide that you want to add the animated GIF to. On Home tab of the ribbon, under Insert, click Picture > Picture from File. Navigate to the location of the animated GIF you want to add, make sure the file name ends with a . gif extension, select the file, and then click Insert.

How do you stop a GIF from looping in PowerPoint?

When you MAKE gifs (using specialist software) you can set a flag that determines whether they should loop or not loop and set the frame rate for each frame that determines how fast the animation runs. You cannot do this or alter it in any version of PowerPoint.

Can you pause GIFs?

Press the close button of your Chrome window with the left button of your mouse and keep your mouse down, at this time the gif will be paused.

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Which is better GIF or MP4?

That is 95% smaller than the animated GIF! That’s amazing! Our research has found that animated GIFs are usually 5 to 10 times larger than a properly encoded MP4 video. This difference means that GIFs are not only wasting significant amounts of bandwidth, they are loading more slowly and creating a bad user experience.

How do I make gifs play only in PowerPoint?

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open PowerPoint.
  2. Click the Insert tab.
  3. In the Media group, click the Video menu and select Video on My PC.
  4. At the bottom of the file browser window that opens, change the file filter from Video Files to All Files.
  5. Select your animated GIF and click the Insert button.
  6. PowerPoint will convert your GIF.

How do I stop my GIF from looping?


  1. Open your GIF, then resave it.
  2. You will be presented with a number of screens during the saving process.
  3. Make sure to ‘save as animation’ and then uncheck ‘loop forever’ as shown in the screenshots above.


Why is my gif not working in PowerPoint?

To play animated GIF files, you must open the files in the Preview/Properties window. To do this, select the animated GIF file, and then on the View menu, click Preview/Properties. If the GIF does not play, try re-saving the animated GIF in the collection in which you want to put it.

How do you pause a GIF on mobile?

1 Answer

  1. stop() – stops the animation, can be called from any thread.
  2. start() – starts the animation, can be called from any thread.
  3. isRunning() – returns whether animation is currently running or not.
  4. setSpeed(float factor) – sets new animation speed factor, eg.
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How do you pause a GIF on Android?

You can pause your animation by pressing the Space button . mplayer will also show the frame information of your running gif in terminal. Show activity on this post.

Can you pause a GIF HTML?

You can show an (animated) GIF and overlay a pause/play button on top of it — which is really a / element. When toggled, a (non-animated) JPG inside covers the GIF, effectively “pausing” it.

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