This portfolio summarizes some of my recent reportage illustration and urban sketching projects.   I am primarily interested in capturing a sense of place and/or a sense of occasion and emotion in my work.  Therefore I hope that the projects presented here express that fascination.   Commissions vary from one off illustrations to series of drawings that capture an occasion or event.  Please browse through the projects below that show the range of work.

Reportage illustration projects

I have a wide range of reportage interests from festivals and special celebrations, to history, travel, health and social issues.  This is because my focus is to tell the story through sketches created in situ, observing from life in real time and accompanied by text as narrative.    You can read more about my background here.  It also maybe helpful to read in more detail about my projects and drawing experiences on my blog here.   I am available for a variety of visual storytelling and sketching commissions that aim to capture stories of the world around us. Please contact me if you would like to discuss your  ideas.