I am an illustrator and mixed media artist based at Woodend Mill, Mossley.  My studio is based in a Victorian Cotton Mill surrounded by hills and stunning scenery!

I initially trained as a research scientist, with a first degree in Biochemistry at Imperial College London and Ph.D. in Microbiology at Cambridge University.  Subsequently I retrained in the arts as a garden designer and landscape architect.  My science and design backgrounds both influence my illustration and mixed media work.  These evolve over time and in turn, influence each other!

My current illustrational work focuses on capturing a sense of place and occasion.   These interests underpin my illustrational works. I’m fascinated by architecture, urban and rural street life and the diversity of activities and events that happen, including weddings and festivals. Therefore, I focus on capturing these in my work. I have an interest in documentary drawing and work to commission for both private and commercial clients. My illustration work is mainly captured on site, observing and drawing in real time, as things happen. This work is characterised by a combination of drawing in pen, ink and watercolour together with text as narrative.

I am also a mixed media artist.  I use paint, collage and other mark making materials to create studio works. My  landscape background drives an interest in and fascination with materiality and textures of my surroundings.  Therefore, I also seek to create a sense of place in my location-based collage works.   I’m drawn to interesting shapes and patterns together with striking colour combinations.  My mixed media work is based on observation and sketching out in the landscape and these are then used as a basis for paintings developed in the studio.

I run workshops on aspects of urban sketching, sketchbook sketching and mixed media approaches both from my studio at Woodened Mill and at other venues.

Liz in action