Liz Ackerley is an urban sketcher with a particular interest in Reportage Illustration, the art of visual storytelling.  She initially trained as a research scientist, obtaining a first degree in Biochemistry at Imperial College London and  a Ph.D. in Microbiology at Cambridge University, carrying out research in the Department of Infectious Diseases at Imperial,  before retraining in the arts as a garden designer and landscape architect in London and Birmingham.  Her current illustrational  work focuses on capturing a sense of place and occasion and these interests underpin her illustrational works.   She is fascinated by urban and rural street life and the diversity of  activities and events that happen there and focuses on capturing this in her work.  She has an interest in documentary drawing and works to commission for both private and commercial clients, recording events and the stories that define a place and the people that inhabit these places .   Her work is captured mainly on site, observing and drawing in real time, as things happen.  Her work is characterised by a combination of illustrational drawing in pen, ink and watercolour together with text as narrative.  Her most recent commissions include the Manchester Histories Festival 2016, a biannual Greater Manchester event, #CitiesOfHope2016 a world-first Street Art Convention in Manchester and Local Correspondent for the 7th International Symposium of Urban Sketchers 2016 held in Manchester, UK.

Liz in action